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On a Roll

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More wins!

I submitted two pieces to the Federation of Canadian Artists/Victoria Chapter and both got in... but even better, they both won prizes!  

This also marks the beginning of a new series exploring the addition of metal objects.  I had done collages many years ago with metal objects - such as hardware cloth, chicken wire and various tiny rods.  Often I sewed them on to the paper using my sewing machine. I liked the juxtaposition of sewing (somewhat feminine) with pointy, dangerous metal rods (somewhat masculine).


This drawing of my model, Kurtis, seemed a good candidate for adding thin spikey wires.  I was interested in portraying him looking a little reclusive with his defenses up.  The wires also worked visullay as fences, so it was a good match.  The jurors for the show must have thought the same, because they awarded it 3rd prize. I named it "Shields Up".

The painting I did right after the drawing was an experiment with crazy color.  I didn't start out making the model's face purple but it seemed to be working, so I went with it.  When I was done, I stumbled upon a cool feature of it.  If you look at it under yellowish light - like tungsten - the purple disappears and it looks like ordinary flesh tones.  But flip on a bluish light, like a flourescent, and WOW! she ever PURPLE!  She has a bit of a look of relief on her face so I named it "Reprieve".  She won 2nd prize.

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